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One Day, Local Investment, Lasting Impact! 

Mark Murphy, Jerry Ganoni, Terry Fulwiler & Dennis Buehler
The Green Bay Packers Foundation is partnering with the Greater Green Bay Community Foundation to host the first community-wide, 24-hour giving day in Brown County: Give BIG Green Bay!

Give BIG Green Bay will rally the community around an easy-to-use online giving platform where everyone can give, at any level, to support local causes they champion.  A grant from the Green Bay Packers Foundation will launch this program and create a matching pool of funds to incentivize donors and maximize investment. The event will show, in real-time…minute by minute…hour by hour…., what can happen when we all work together to support our community.  

Starting at noon on February 27, 2018, join thousands of people from across the community to raise funds for local nonprofits. Everyone can participate in Give BIG Green Bay and make a difference in Brown County.

Photo, left to right: Mark Murphy, President, Green Bay Packers, Inc., Jerry Ganoni, Incoming Chair, Green Bay Packers Foundation, Terry Fulwiler, Outgoing Chair, Green Bay Packers Foundation, Dennis Buehler, President & CEO, Greater Green Bay Community Foundation