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Heritage Hill Foundation

2674 S Van Buren
Green Bay, WI 54301

Heritage Hill is a living history park devoted to the preservation of its buildings and artifacts and the interpretation of history with a focus of the impact on Northeastern Wisconsin, and its people. Heritage Hill provides an educational and interactive experience that encourages visitor awareness, understanding, and appreciation of its diverse regional history of people’s cultures and industries.
At Heritage Hill students use their senses to experience Wisconsin’s past. History education helps us understand who we are and why we are here. It helps develop a sense of community and civic awareness. And it helps students understand and evaluate the consequences of thoughts and actions. At Heritage Hill, history jumps off lifeless pages, becoming real and interactive. Programs engage students, improve retention, and assist teachers in meeting school standards. However, schools and families are increasingly stretched for funds for fieldtrips, creating a growing need for admission and busing scholarships to attend Heritage Hill programs. Fully 63% of Green Bay students qualify for free and reduced lunch. Last year 2427 students received scholarships. Help Heritage Hill bring the past to the present for all students. Come to play…..stay to learn!